By klayperson • • 5 Nov 2011

Murrie bunny

Melinda started out as a complete unknown. Then she was born. Still, relatively few people knew her. Over time, Melinda’s network grew, and now she is not only known, but has a website, which proves her existence.

Melinda studied art and art history, focusing on unusual mediums often in the context of installation and performance art. Highly influential were her college internship at the Franklin Furnace and graduate school studies with performance artist Linda Montano. Melinda later became interested in technology when collaborating on Anime Noir, an erotic online multiplayer game. Eventually, Melinda abandoned her art/art history career for one more technology based, working both in consumer electronics companies and interactive ad agencies. Straddling visual culture and technological immersion, Melinda focuses on UX (user experience) in her work.

Melinda practices American-style boxing and has a mean left hook. She fronts an Adam Ant tribute band called Madam and the Ants.