Making contact with Adam Ant

By klayperson • MADAM & THE ANTS • 5:14 am

Adam Ant is coming to town. This is the opportunity for Madam and the Ants to meet our hero, our guru, our reason for existence! I’m a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of his tour manager, so I’m pretty sure if I wrote a letter, it would reach him. But how to phrase an introduction…?

Something like….

Dear Adam,
I’m your biggest fan. Can we get coffee while you’re here?
Your friend,

No…that won’t work.


Dear Adam,
I am in San Francisco’s premier Adam Ant tribute band, Madam and the Ants, and we would love to meet you while you’re in town for your show at the Regency on February 24. While you’re visiting, we’d be happy to show you around to some of our favorite San Francisco hangouts.
In fact, we’re playing the following night, Feb 25, at 111 Minna, which is a cool venue that’s part music venue, part bar, part art gallery, and part performance space. It’s one of my favorite venues. Our show is a special event in honor of your visit to SF, and we warmly invite you to attend.

Maybe some of that could work.

Maybe this tactic…

Dear Adam,
Call me! OMG OMG OMG we must meet! I love you I love you I looooooove you!!!! I’ve been obsessed with you since I was 12 years old! Did I mention I knew Heather Graham before we hit puberty? Call me!!!!!
xoxo,Madam Ant.

That’s probably the best one. Sigh.

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